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Good Sitting Posture at a ComputerGood Sitting Posture at a Computer

Digital displays have become an essential part of our lives during the last 30 years. According to statistics, individuals spend 12-16 hours every day looking at digital devices. However, staring at digital screens for a lengthy amount of time is harmful to human eyes and posture. Eye dryness, redness, myopia, migraines, neckache, backache, potbelly, and other health issues are related to incorrect usage of digital displays.

Certain rules should be followed by computer users to avoid/reduce the negative effects of computer usage (such as blinking at least 15 times per minute, keeping a minimum of 35-40 cm distance from screens, and sitting appropriately). However, most of us (80-90%) are unaware of it or have forgotten about it. The illustration on the left shows a proper sitting position.

How to use

1. Dashboard

Welcome to BliinkWelcome to Bliink


The Active Button

Here’s one of the best interactive features that BLiiNK offers its users. You can effortlessly pause or start the application depending on your needs by clicking on the Active Button. Its intuitive design makes it easy to control BLiiNK's operation with a single click

Expiration Date

Your license's validity is of utmost importance. The Expiration Date feature ensures you stay informed about the duration of your request. This feature displays the validity date of your license, helping you keep track of your license status and renew in time if necessary.

Explore Our Articles

Looking to stay up-to-date with the latest wellness information? Or are you seeking interesting tips to improve your health? Explore our Blog! This section serves as a reservoir of useful articles and updates about health, wellness, corporate wellbeing, and much more! 

BliiNK is more than just a software application; it's a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

2. Records

Daily Historical Performance

Keep an eye on your performance throughout the day.

This functionality lets you view your daily data, providing valuable insights into your health patterns.

Average Daily Performance

Get an accurate snapshot of your health habits by observing your average daily performance. This metric offers a reliable way to gauge your daily performance and make necessary adjustments to your health routines

Performance Over a Selected Date Range

Want to examine your performance over a specific period? Use this feature to select a range of dates and view your average version within that time frame. This allows for meaningful comparisons, whether you track improvements over weeks, months, or even years.

Bliink recordsBliink records

3. Settings

In the 'Settings' tab, you'll find three main components for customization: General, Blinking, and Distance & Posture.

3.1. General

Bliink general settingsBliink general settings

 Within the General settings, you'll find the following adjustable options:

  • Blink Min Value: This setting allows you to establish the minimum number of blinks per minute. For healthy eyes, it's recommended to blink at least 17 times per minute. If your blink count falls below this, our app will notify you. Feel free to adjust this value according to your comfort.
  • Blink Criteria: This value aids in the blink detection algorithm. Adjust this number if the app underestimates or overestimates your blink rate.
  • Distance Limit: This plays a vital role in the distance detection algorithm. Customize the distance limit to receive notifications that suit your preferences.
  • Posture Limit: This value assists in the posture detection algorithm. You may need to adjust this number depending on your camera's position. Using the 'Adjust' button, you can find suitable criteria after positioning yourself correctly and applying them accordingly.
  • Close Notification on Mouse Click: This checkbox allows you to close notifications by clicking on them. However, it's generally recommended not to enable this and instead respond by correcting your sitting position or blink rate.

To adjust these criteria:

  1. Use the 'Adjust' button to open a frame in a few seconds.
  2. Position yourself correctly and hit 'Exit.' The structure will disappear, and the corresponding criterion will be modified.
  3. 'Save' to retain these changes.

For troubleshooting, if the blinking feature isn't working correctly, adjust the Blink Criteria accordingly. If the notifications persist, decrease the criteria, and if they disappear, increase it.

3.2. Blinking

Under this tab, you can configure settings for blink detection:

  • Period: Refers to the duration the webcam checks for blinks.
  • Frequency: Refers to how often the inspections are performed.

For instance, setting the period at 10 seconds and frequency at 12 times per hour means the webcam will operate 12 times in an hour (every 5 minutes), each time for 10 seconds.

  • Size: Choose from three options - small, medium, and big.
  • Position: Select where on the screen the notification appears: center, top left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right.
  • Type: Choose between three notification gifs: man, woman, and owl.

 Click 'Save' to retain your changes or 'Reset' to revert to default settings.

Blinking settingsBlinking settings

3.3. Distance and posture

Distance and posture settingsDistance and posture settings

  In this tab, you can adjust settings for posture and distance checks:

  •  In this tab, you can adjust settings for posture and distance checks:

    • Frequency: Like in the Blinking tab, this determines how often the checks are performed. Note that there's no 'Period' parameter here, as a single capture is used for detection.
    • Notification Size, Position, and Type: These options work the same as in the Blinking tab.

    Click 'Save' to retain your changes or 'Reset' to revert to default settings.

4. Share

In our 'Share' tab, you can invite your friends to join the BLiiINK community through social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter and view user feedback. Providing real-life testimonials and insights into the advantages of BLiiINK, these feedbacks offer valuable perspectives.

Furthermore, we believe in continuous improvement, and your feedback is incredibly valuable in making BLiiINK even better. Just a right-click away, and you have the power to contribute to the enhancement of the application by providing your feedback. So don't hesitate to share your experience and help us optimize BLiiINK's performance and user-friendliness.

Have more questions?

If you still have questions, troubles, or suggestions, contact us via the chat box or with the following email: contact@bliink.ai

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