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BLiiNK helps you to monitor and control:

  • Sitting position
  • Blinking rate
  • Screen distance
BLiiNK application | Correct your posture  and  keep eye healthBLiiNK application | Correct your posture  and  keep eye health

Our Features

unhealthy and healthy eye | BLiiNKunhealthy and healthy eye | BLiiNK

Blinking Counting

BLiiNK is designed to help you not forget about flashing and lower the likelihood of experiencing dry eyes. It works by periodically counting your blinking rate and notifying you to blink if it falls below the recommended level of approximately 12 blinks per minute. By doing so, BLiiNK can help you maintain healthy eyes by reminding you to blink more frequently. The important part: the notification disappears once you blink.

Distance Measuring

Keeping an appropriate distance from the screen is essential both for your eyes and neck. The closer you are to the screen, the wider your eye-opening angle is; therefore, your eyes dry faster. Also, it puts an extra burden on your neck muscles. Keeping a minimum of 35 cm distance from the screen is recommended. BLiNK helps you maintain a safe distance from the screen by checking a few times an hour. After some time, it becomes a healthy habit.

incorrect and  correct  distance screen | BLiiNKincorrect and  correct  distance screen | BLiiNK
Incorrect and correct posture | BLiiNKIncorrect and correct posture | BLiiNK

Posture Checking

Frequently, many of us need to adopt an appropriate posture when working with computers. However, maintaining the correct sitting position is crucial for good posture and a healthy back and spine. To address this, BLiiNK periodically checks your sitting posture and notifies you if it deviates from the recommended posture. Healthy work habits will be formed over a few months by taking corrective action a few times each hour.

Notification System

A notification appears on your screen when BLiiNK detects a low blink rate or incorrect sitting position. Once you correct your posture or blink, the notification will disappear automatically, and you won't need to click the mouse. You can choose the message's frequency, type, size, and position on your screen, including a set of different characters suitable for adults and children. BLiiNK is designed to be user-friendly and customizable according to your preferences.

BLiiNK notifications | sit back |blink please | correct your posture |correct your  positionBLiiNK notifications | sit back |blink please | correct your posture |correct your  position
Safe  local monitoring | health |BLiiNKSafe  local monitoring | health |BLiiNK

Historical Performance 

BLiiNK allows you to review your historical performance for blink rate, posture, and distance, enabling you to assess your progress toward building healthy working habits. BLiiNK has an optional recommendation system that identifies patterns and suggests optimal actions based on your work behavior.

BLiiNK is Private

Maintaining users' privacy is our top priority, and BLiiNK has been designed with privacy in mind. The application operates locally on your PC, and no internet connection is required. While the application is running, no images or videos are recorded or stored. BLiiNK utilizes the camera and AI to capture only the necessary data points. Due to this approach, BLiiNK is fast, efficient, affordable, and uses minimal CPU resources.

BLiiNK is PrivateBLiiNK is Private
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