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Some Facts

The issue of poor computer posture and eye strain is common, affecting approximately 70% of individuals in office settings.

Poor job performance often correlates with the widespread presence of poor posture and eye strain, affecting 65% of impacted employees.

Good employee experience creates a better atmosphere at the workplace.

Creating an ergonomic workspace can lower medical and insurance costs, potentially saving your company up to 25% in expenses.

Good employee experience creates better atmosphere at workplace.

Improved health and well-being boosts workforce efficiency and reduces sick leave.

Outcomes You Can Expect in 3 Months

41%  pain deduction41%  pain deduction
75 percent posture  improvement75 percent posture  improvement
53 percent better eye health53 percent better eye health
up to 20 percent productivity  increaseup to 20 percent productivity  increase

We offer a complete set of features to help you prevent/control eye and posture-related health problems from computer use.

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