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Save more than 20% with annual subscription
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Ideal for remote workers and freelancers


25% discount for annual subscription

Pricing options for 3 months, 6 months, and annually, with custom rates tailored to team size.

Includes onboarding and support for all users.

Perfect for both small and mid-sized teams


Additional features available on request

Pricing options for 3 months, 6 months, and annually, with custom rates tailored to team size.

Custom pricing depending on custom features and team size.

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Blinking counting: Periodically monitors your blinking rate to reduce eye strain and dryness




Distance measuring: Ensures optimal screen distance to protect your eyesight and reduce neck pain




Posture analysis: Periodically checks sitting posture to help prevent lower back pain




Notification system: Customizable action-based notifications designed to foster healthy habit formation




Personal statistics: Insights into your digital habits and habit formation process




Support: Continuous customer assistance throughout the subscription period




Chair Exercises: Provides office-adapted stretches for the neck, back, hands, wrists and eyes




Water reminder: Promotes adequate water intake to maintain hydration levels




Onboarding: Tailored guide to get you started and maximize the benefits of the app




Premium support: Around-the-clock assistance for both technical and general inquiries




Tailored additions: Request specific, additional functionalities to meet your unique requirements




Upcoming Features

Upcoming features will be included at no extra charge for the duration of your subscription




Image Upload: Enables personalized notifications through user-uploaded images




Company dashboard: Provides insights and preventive strategies for enhancing overall company health




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