Get Rid of Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Eye Strain Starting Today!

Meet BLiiNK - the software solution for healthy sitting posture, eye comfort, and improved digital habits!

How It Works?

correct sitting posturecorrect sitting posture

Periodically (not always) checks

sitting posture

and notifies to take corrective action if it deviates from the recommended posture, promoting a healthy back and spine.

Distance from screenDistance from screen

Helps to maintain a safe distance from the screen by checking a few times an hour,

reducing eye strain

and neck muscle burden.

distance from computer screen to eyesdistance from computer screen to eyes

Periodically monitors blinking rate and notifies to blink if it falls below the recommended level, reducing eye dryness and strain.

Performance and StatisticsPerformance and Statistics

Provides historical performance and reports to assess progress toward building healthy working habits.

Secure local algorithmSecure local algorithm

Provides office-friendly exercises for the neck, back, hands, wrists, and eyes, plus reminders for hydration, short walks, and more.

BLiiNK smart notificationBLiiNK smart notification

Tailors smart notifications to user preferences, ensuring a customizable and user-friendly experience.

Outcomes You Can Expect

After a few months of BLiiNK use, you'll witness shifts in your computer habits.

The figures below are based on reports from our current users.

41% pain deduction41% pain deduction

Neck and back pain reduction

75 percent posture improvement75 percent posture improvement

Sitting posture improvement

53 percent better eye health53 percent better eye health

Eye dryness and strain reduction

up to 20 percent productivity increaseup to 20 percent productivity increase

Work performance increase

Customers Love BLiiNK

BLiiNK's Unique Edge

Focused on Habit Formation

Trigger, Reward, RoutineTrigger, Reward, Routine

BLiiNK is different from other apps because users just need to act, like blinking or fixing their posture, and it only takes a second. 

User Centric Approach

User Centric approachUser Centric approach

Empowering users, BLiiNK allows them to select the frequency of checks per hour and customize notifications, preventing any sense of overwhelm.

Local AI: Fast and Secure

No internet is needed | secure health applicationNo internet is needed | secure health application

AI algorithm functions directly on the device, eliminating the need for web dependency. Connectivity is only necessary during the software download process.

Data-Driven Insigths

Statistics and Recommendations | BLiiNK.aiStatistics and Recommendations |

BliiNK presents genuine historical performance records and reports to help users recognize the advantages of using the application and make data-driven decisions.

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