Correct your sitting posture and get rid of eye dryness!


Bliink is an AI-powered app that helps to improve your eye health, correct your sitting posture and boost your productivity while working at a computer.


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Correct  posture and  blinking

Meet Bliink

Sitting Position

Incorrect sitting position leads to many problems, such as backaches, neck and shoulder pain, rounded shoulders, potbelly, etc. With Bliink you can always monitor and control your sitting position.

Blinking Rate

While working with digital screens people usually blink 3 times less than needed for a healthy eye. This can cause eye dryness and redness, vision-related problems, and even sleep disorders. With Bliink you can always track and control your blinking rate.

Keeping Distance

The closer you are to the screen, the wider is your eye-opening angle, and therefore eyes get dry faster. This can lead to vision blurring, headaches, and even myopia. With Bliink you can always monitor and control the distance from the computer screen.

Why BLiiNK ?

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Eye Health

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Become a healthier version of yourself

We offer a complete set of features to help you to prevent/control eye and posture-related health problems from computer use. Our solution is great also for teaching/controlling kids.

Kids Health

Kids Version

Bliink has also a Kids version. It has many funny characters and cartoons to make your kids happy and healthy while watching cartoons or playing games. Coming soon.


Easy to Install and Use

It will take a few minutes to download and install Bliink. Just choose your feature preferences, schedules, and notification style, and Bliink is ready.


Smart Notification System

Once you are notified by Bliink to correct your sitting position or blink more, the notification status will change just when you take corrective action.


Performance Analysis/Reports

Using Bliink you can constantly check your performance statistics. Bliink also makes recommendations based on your historical data.

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