Unlock Better
Posture And Eye
Health With BLiiNK

Meet BLiiNK - the software solution for healthy sitting posture,
eye comfort, increased productivity
and improved digital habits!

back pain, lower  back painback pain, lower  back pain

How BLiiNK Helps?

You Have The Power To Consistently Monitor And Control Your:

  • Sitting position, preventing back and neck problems with our cutting-edge posture tracker.
  • Blinking rate, effectively mitigating eye dryness and vision problems thanks to our innovative posture analysis app.
  • Screen distance,  significantly reducing fatigue and visual discomfort with the best posture app at your disposal.

Correct sitting  position | healty eyes | BLiiNKCorrect sitting  position | healty eyes | BLiiNK

BLiiNK's Unique Edge

Face Ponts | Secure app | BLiiNKFace Ponts | Secure app | BLiiNK

 Privacy-Focused Approach

  • Nudges you periodically towards better habit
  • Helps to build a sustainable routine that promotes long-term wellness

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No internet is needed | secure health applicationNo internet is needed | secure health application

Offline Convenience

  • Operates locally on the device, eliminating the dependency on the web
  • Requires connectivity only when downloading the software

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BLiiNK is  active | healthy back | healthy eyesBLiiNK is  active | healthy back | healthy eyes

Built For Habit Formation

  • Sees the person as a discreet dotted pattern
  • No personal information is recorded or compromised

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Correct sitting  position | BLiiNK.aiCorrect sitting  position | BLiiNK.ai

Personalized Work-style Monitoring

  • Uses AI to monitor posture, blinking rate, and distance
  • Provides real-time notifications for incorrect posture

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Outcomes You Can Expect in 3 Months

41%  pain deduction41%  pain deduction
75 percent posture  improvement75 percent posture  improvement
53 percent better eye health53 percent better eye health
up to 20 percent productivity  increaseup to 20 percent productivity  increase

We offer a complete set of features to help you prevent/control eye and posture-related health problems from computer use.

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