Nairi BaghdasaryanNairi Baghdasaryan

Nairi Baghdasaryan


Arthur HovhannisyanArthur Hovhannisyan

Arthur Hovhannisyan


Artashes BaghdasaryanArtashes Baghdasaryan

Artashes Baghdasaryan


How It All Started

Our journey began two years ago with Nairi, Artashes, and Arthur, who were facing the common health issues of computer users such as bad posture, eye strain, and decreased productivity.

Frustrated with the lack of effective tools to maintain good health during long hours in front of a computer, they had an idea: Why not create their own AI-powered desktop application to assist people in similar situations? From this frustration developed a concept that would change the course of their lives - and yours.


Following consultations with medical professionals and potential users, they joined forces and initiated the development of a prototype for a posture analysis app. Their goal was to develop an application that would function as a posture tracker and blinking rate detector, as well as provide posture reminders.

BLiiNK is about their strong desire to help people like you and make your life better and healthier when you use a computer.

Mission | BLiiNKMission | BLiiNK


Our mission is to prevent/reduce the unhealthy impact of digital screens.

Vision| BLiiNKVision| BLiiNK


At BLiiNK, we believe working with digital screens should be much more healthy.

Values | BLiiNKValues | BLiiNK


Health and Well-Being

Prioritizing the health and well-being of our users, we equip them with commanding tools to conquer posture, eliminate eye strain, and elevate productivity.

User-Centered Approach

We listen to our users and work closely with medical professionals to ensure that our product meets their needs and promotes their health.

Collaboration and Trust

We believe that teamwork and collaboration are essential to achieving our goals and positively impacting the world. Our focus is on establishing long-term relationships.


Embracing GDPR principles, we place the highest priority on ensuring the privacy of our users.

Why BLiiNK?

BLiiNK is helping computer users to develop healthy working habits and boost work productivity.

Join our community and become a healthier version of yourself!

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