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Sitting posture back painSitting posture back pain

Research Studies

The Impact of Improper Body Posture on Office Workers' Health

The research represents the survey results of consisting of thirty questions was distributed among a randomly selected group of over one thousand workers. Results indicated that 78% of the total participants had experienced some sort of musculoskeletal pains, from which 84% of them stated that their sitting postures are awkward.

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Posture related MD and its association with computer use

This article assesses postural changes and MD (musculoskeletal discomfort) among computer users over time. It provides insights into how prolonged computer use may lead to alterations in sitting posture and associated health implications.

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Adverse Effects of Prolonged Sitting on the General Health of Office Workers

This cross-sectional study, conducted among 447 office workers, aimed to assess the prevalence of sitting behavior and its adverse effects on health. Significant associations were found between prolonged sitting and factors like exhaustion, decreased job satisfaction, and musculoskeletal disorders.

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Posture Related

Medical professional examining the spinal column of a human skeletonMedical professional examining the spinal column of a human skeleton

Eye Related

Close-up of a girl's eye being examined with a laserClose-up of a girl's eye being examined with a laser

Computer vision syndrome among computer office workers

This study explores Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) prevalence and factors among 2,210 computer workers. Severity was linked to occupation duration and pre-existing eye disease. Findings emphasize the importance of targeted interventions for improved visual well-being among computer workers.

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Computer vision syndrome and predictors among computer users

This meta-analysis identified predictors of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) among computer users, including a history of eye disease, improper sitting, frequent computer use, and eyeglass use. The study highlights the importance of optimizing computer exposure, adopting proper seating, and enhancing user awareness to mitigate CVS impact.

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Computer vision syndrome and its determinants: A systematic review

This systematic review and meta-analysis explored computer vision syndrome (CVS) prevalence and determinants. Increased odds of CVS were associated with factors like being female, improper body posturing, no breaks, prolonged visual display terminal use, short-distance screens, and poor ergonomic practices.

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Outcomes You Can Expect

After a few months of BLiiNK use, you'll witness shifts in your computer habits.

The figures below are based on reports from our current users.

41% pain deduction41% pain deduction

Neck and back pain reduction

75 percent posture improvement75 percent posture improvement

Sitting posture improvement

53 percent better eye health53 percent better eye health

Eye dryness and strain reduction

up to 20 percent productivity increaseup to 20 percent productivity increase

Work performance increase

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