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Medical professional examining the spinal column of a human skeletonMedical professional examining the spinal column of a human skeleton

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Naira Apresyan's imageNaira Apresyan's image

Naira Apresyan

Founder and President,

Association of Kinesiologists & Masseurs of Armenia

Working with a good posture while working at computers is essential not only for your spine but overall health and well-being. BLiiNK can help you develop a good posture and eye health.

"Posture is not just about looking good, but also about maintaining good health and preventing pain and injury."

Tigran Totolyan's imageTigran Totolyan's image

Tigran Totolyan


Head of the rehabilitation department Fanarjyan National Center of Oncology

The negative impact of digital screens on our health is a fact, both for our eyes and posture. Using BLiiNK can help you to reduce those negative impacts.

"Eyes are the lamps of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light."

David Grigoryan's imageDavid Grigoryan's image

David Grigoryan

Doctor kinesiologist

Department of Limb Reconstruction and Lengthening, Nairi Medical Center

Most of my patients are complaining about neck and back pain, and most of them are not aware of how important is to maintain a good posture. I recommend they use BLiiNK.

"Posture is the first thing that reflects our inner state, and it has a profound effect on our physical and mental well-being."

Koryun Vahanyan's imageKoryun Vahanyan's image

Koryun Vahanyan

Doctor physiotherapist

Head of the physiotherapy department of the Vita Longa medical center

Small and continuous actions are the key to achieving any fundamental change. The same is with having a good posture. BLiiNK can help you to develop healthy habits.

"Good posture is a reflection of a healthy and confident attitude, while bad posture can reflect a lack of energy and self-esteem."

Don't Believe Doctors?

Check what our users say

Don't Believe Doctors?

Check what our users say

My neck and back pain almost went away after using BLiiNK for 3 months. I never thought that siting posture can be such important.

Anna Laperski

BLiiNK helps me to reduce my eye dryness and redness. Also I am feeling more productive after using the app.

Jane Holes

This app changed my overall health wellbeing in so many ways. I feel now more healthy, organized and productive.

Andranik Azizyan

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