BLiiNK vs. SmartErgo: Which is Better for Office Ergonomics?

General Description

BLiiNK: Designed to help individuals and businesses improve posture health, eye comfort, and overall digital wellness through an action-based AI-powered desktop app.

SmartErgo: Aimed at improving workplace ergonomics with periodic reminders for exercises and stretches.

Posture Correction (For Reducing Back Pain)

BLiiNK: Regularly checks sitting posture and alerts users to take corrective actions, promoting a healthy back and spine.

SmartErgo: Sends periodic reminders for users to perform exercises and stretches.

Distance from Screen (For Reducing Neck Pain and Eye Strain)

BLiiNK: Helps maintain a safe screen distance, reducing eye strain and neck muscle tension.

SmartErgo: Sends periodic reminders for users to perform stretches.

Blinking Rate (For Reducing Eye Dryness and Strain)

BLiiNK: Monitors blinking rate and alerts users to blink if it falls below the recommended level, reducing eye dryness and strain.

SmartErgo: Sends periodic reminders for users to perform exercises.

Performance / Statistics

BLiiNK: Provides detailed historical performance reports to track progress towards healthier working habits.

SmartErgo: No information provided on their webpage.

Local AI and Security

BLiiNK: Ensures privacy with on-device AI, so no data leaves your device.

SmartErgo: Does not use AI. No security issues.

Customizable Notifications

BLiiNK: Offers smart, customizable notifications tailored to user preferences (frequency, size, position on the screen, and type).

SmartErgo: Allows users to adjust notifications.

Office Exercises

BLiiNK: Provides office-friendly stretches for the neck, back, hands, wrists, and eyes, along with reminders for hydration and short walks.

SmartErgo: Offers office-adapted stretches.



  • Individual users:
    • Monthly: $4.9
    • Annual: $49
  • Business: Custom pricing with onboarding and support
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing with additional features

SmartErgo: Pricing not provided, mainly targets B2B customers with white-labeling offers.

Versions (MacOS, Windows, Linux)

BLiiNK: Available on both MacOS (M1/M2 chips) and Windows.

SmartErgo: Available on MacOS, Windows, and Web browsers.

Educational Component

BLiiNK: Offers educational resources on ergonomics, posture health, and eye health through its blog and user guides.

SmartErgo: Provides educational materials focused on improving workplace ergonomics.

Use Cases

BLiiNK: Suitable for individuals and businesses aiming to improve posture, eye comfort, and overall digital habits with detailed performance reports and customizable notifications.

SmartErgo: Available only for businesses.

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