BLiiNK Graduates from SAP Startup Factory by BANA

BLiiNK Graduates from SAP Startup Factory by BANA

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that BLiiNK, the pioneering desktop app dedicated to fostering healthy working habits for computer users, has successfully completed the prestigious SAP Startup Factory by BANA acceleration program.

The SAP Startup Factory by BANA is a renowned acceleration program that extends unwavering support to startups with innovative ideas that hold the potential to revolutionize industries. BLiiNK's inclusion in this esteemed program signifies the startup's visionary approach and its commitment to creating a positive impact in the tech landscape.

During the program, BLiiNK has benefited from invaluable resources, mentorship, and guidance from industry experts, further enhancing their ability to bring transformative solutions to the forefront of the market. The acceleration program has been instrumental in propelling BLiiNK towards its mission of promoting healthier and more mindful technology habits.

"We are pleased to announce that BLiiNK has successfully graduated from the SAP Startup Factory by BANA. This achievement marks a significant milestone for our team, and we are grateful for the support and opportunities provided by the program," expressed the delighted BLiiNK team.

With its unique and innovative desktop app, BLiiNK envisions a world where digital well-being is prioritized, and users are empowered to adopt healthier practices while working with computers. The graduation from the SAP Startup Factory by BANA positions BLiiNK as a key player in reshaping the way individuals interact with technology, promoting enhanced productivity and well-being.

As BLiiNK continues to forge ahead, the entire team is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. The learnings and experiences gained from the acceleration program have equipped BLiiNK to make a lasting impact on the lives of computer users across various industries.

Stay connected with BLiiNK as they continue their journey of innovation and exploration, bringing their transformative app to a broader audience. Witness how BLiiNK is paving the way for healthier and more mindful technology habits, fostering a more productive and healthier digital future.


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