Boost Productivity: Tips for Remote Workers to Improve Posture

Boost Productivity: Tips for Remote Workers to Improve Posture

Science has already proven that sitting for a long time can compromise your health, but that doesn't mean you should spend your entire day standing to maintain physical and mental integrity. Did you happen to know that over 80% of people on the planet suffer from back pain?

That happens when you overlook your feeling of discomfort, muscle spasms, and even excessive time in a single posture. It is possible not to go through this affliction that can not only affect your productivity at work but also compromise your health for a long time. Months and years.

But what about workers from home? Those who have already discovered the advantages of earning money without leaving the comfort of their homes should also pay close attention to sitting uncomfortably. Without health, there's no way to be productive.

Hopefully, there are already available software solutions to alert remote workers. So that they can take easy measures to correct their body posture, build healthy working habits, and consequently increase their productivity in their work.

We will provide some simple tips you can do every day before, during, and after work. Let's go.

Simple Tips To Improve Body Posture At Work

Have you thought about how to improve body posture at work?

Are you always feeling tired and having frequent back pain? It is possible that the quality of life during work is well below the recommended level. If nothing is done, the tendency is to suffer from increasingly strong and constant crises. Without a doubt, you will not want to go through this!

Learn simple tips to improve your body posture:

Tip 1: Stretch Before Starting Work

A girl sitting inside the notebook stretches her arms

This practice is based on stretching numerous parts of body, such as the torso, head, arms, legs, shoulders, and even wrists, due to the time spent in front of computers, notebooks, and other electronic devices.

It does not require a lot of intensity and does not demand much time in your day, but it will improve your body posture.

Check out some exercises that can be easily performed throughout the day to help you loosen up and stretch your muscles:

Extend your fingers and wrists, opening your palm in front of you, and no need to get up from a chair.

Flexion of fingers forward, closing your hand.

Rotate your torso and neck to both sides.

Bend your leg and extend your thigh flush with your chair without putting too much pressure.

Cross your leg over your knee.

Take the tip of your foot and pull it up gently so as not to strain your back or lower limbs.

In the chair, you should stretch to touch your hands to the floor or the farthest point you can. Always remember not to exaggerate in stretching.

Tip 2: Improve Your Body Posture

A girl sitting inside a notebook, eyes closed, in a state of deep relaxation

Everything can start with an uncomplicated attitude. Sit down. However, how do you know the correct form to maintain your impeccable body posture?

Start by purchasing a swivel chair to make it easier for you to move around.

Adjust the height so that your feet are flat on the floor. Or in a slightly inclined position on a footrest. With your feet retracted or resting on the chair's wheels, circulation isn't working accurately, and your legs may swell.

Elbow support is also essential. So you don't feel pain in your shoulders, elbows, and hands.

Hands should be at keyboard height. So you don't suffer from cramps in your fingers and wrists.

Keep your body posture at a proper angle, supported by the chair backrest and without straining your neck. In this way, you can protect yourself from dry eyes, eyestrain, and headaches.

Stretch before sitting in front of the computer in the morning, afternoon, or evening. So, your whole body is loose and ready to start work without physical problems.

  1. Slightly flex your neck to both sides, forwards and backward.
  2. Also rotate your shoulders forward and backward in order to release them.
  3. Keep one of the arms extended, and bend the wrist downwards with the help of the other hand. Use the other hand to carry out the same action.

To learn more, check this article.

Tip 3: Sitting Correctly

A man sitting with his laptop while talking on the phone

Sitting the same way for a long time can result in a set of problems, even more so if it is done incorrectly. In the long term, feelings of extreme exhaustion and chronic pain appear, and the night's sleep loses a lot of quality.

It is ideal to have short breaks of at least 5 minutes every hour of work and stretch, especially the neck, hands, and arms areas. These simple steps can ease the strain on your muscles as well as your joints. Besides, you don't waste a lot of time and considerably increase your quality of life at work and, consequently, your productivity.

So, start sitting down correctly to improve your body posture at work without resorting to medical treatments or needing to take medication everyday.

Feet should be on support or wholly stuck to the floor.

Chair must have an adjustable seat in terms of height whenever the worker deems it necessary.

Hips are as far back as possible in the chair.

Legs are held at an angle between 90ºC to 110ºC concerning the thighs, leaving space between them and the top of your table.

Arms and forearms form right angles to your wrists.

Eyes should be aligned at the monitor's top.

The back of the chair needs to give full support to the lumbar region.

Upper back straight with shoulders.

Tip 4 : Pursue Regular Physical Activity

Those who spend a lot of time sitting should perform an hour of high-intensity exercise everyday.

That is the opinion of the World Health Organization so that the effects of continually working in the same posture, even with impeccable body posture, do not compromise the proper functioning of your body and vital organs.

Basically, you should choose a sport of your choice so that it can be performed within your rhythm of life. Workers from home have a flexible schedule to pick a moment of their day to do a hobby outdoors, attend a class at the gym, run in the park, or ride a bike around the neighborhood.

Regardless of the style of activity you choose, it must be something you enjoy so that it does not become an obligation in a short period. Naturally, practicing sports makes you feel determined, in a good mood, and confident. But the benefits are much more intense when you do something you really enjoy.

Final words

Sitting for long hours a day is harmful to health and can cause pain in the spine and consequently other parts of the body.

Bad body posture influences mental activity, decreasing performance, productivity, and motivation at work. Therefore, maintaining a straight and good posture, whether sitting or standing, compensates for the energy loss and negative feelings from poor posture.

If you have to sit for hours at work, the solution to improving productivity without harming your health is to do small stretches and adjust your posture throughout the day.

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