BLiiNK's co-founders were recently interviewed by Armenpress

BLiiNK's co-founders were recently interviewed by Armenpress

We are thrilled to share that BLiiNK's co-founders recently engaged in an insightful interview with Armenpress, where they delved into the origins of BLiiNK, its existing features, ongoing innovations, and future aspirations. We extend our gratitude to Armenpress for providing a valuable platform to raise public awareness about BLiiNK and its potential to enhance the health and productivity of computer users.

In the interview, BLiiNK's visionary co-founders shed light on the inspiration that led to the creation of this innovative software solution. Their mission to prioritize digital well-being and address the health challenges arising from prolonged computer usage resonated strongly throughout the conversation.

Moreover, the interview unveiled the exciting ongoing developments that will further enhance BLiiNK's capabilities. The team's dedication to continuous improvement and their customer-centric approach shone brightly as they shared the roadmap for future updates and features.

We invite you to read the full interview with BLiiNK's co-founders on Armenpress to gain deeper insights into the vision driving this transformative software solution.

Together, let's embrace a healthier and more productive digital future with BLiiNK!

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