BLiiNK's co-founders recently appeared on Public TV of Armenia

BLiiNK's co-founders recently appeared on Public TV of Armenia

BLiiNK's founders and team recently had an in-depth conversation with the esteemed Public TV of Armenia, shedding light on their revolutionary idea and ongoing developments. The startup aims to provide invaluable assistance to computer users in enhancing their sitting posture and safeguarding their eye health.

During the interview, the team shared their vision behind the innovative startup and how they are devoted to addressing a growing concern among modern society – the adverse effects of prolonged computer usage on physical health, particularly posture and eye strain.

Public TV of Armenia played a pivotal role in raising awareness about BLiiNK and its mission to contribute to the wellbeing of computer users. By highlighting the startup's efforts to combat the negative impacts of sedentary work and digital screen exposure, the television network demonstrated its commitment to promoting health and wellbeing within the community.

BLiiNK's team expressed their gratitude to Public TV of Armenia for providing them with a platform to share their message with a broader audience. Their appearance on the reputable network will undoubtedly draw attention to the significance of maintaining proper posture and preserving eye health in today's digital age.

Stay tuned for more updates as BLiiNK works towards transforming the way we interact with digital screens and safeguarding our health in the process.

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