BLiiNK has won the prestigious Idea Seed Stage Grant (ISSG)

BLiiNK has won the prestigious Idea Seed Stage Grant (ISSG)

BLiiNK, the pioneering health-oriented startup, is celebrating a momentous achievement as it secures the prestigious Idea Seed Stage Grant (ISSG) from EU4Business Technology Development for Armenia. The ISSG is a highly competitive grant that serves as a testament to BLiiNK's innovative vision and groundbreaking ideas. With this transformative grant, BLiiNK is poised to accelerate the development of its cutting-edge technology and extend its global outreach, empowering computer users worldwide with its revolutionary solutions. The entire BLiiNK team is thrilled with this recognition and eagerly anticipates advancing its mission of fostering healthier working habits for everyone.

The EU4Business Technology Development for Armenia's ISSG grant represents a significant milestone in BLiiNK's journey to promote digital well-being. This prestigious recognition validates the startup's forward-thinking approach and its potential to bring about a positive transformation in the tech and health sectors.

With the ISSG grant, BLiiNK gains access to invaluable resources to drive its technology development and expansion efforts. The funding will fuel further research and innovation, enabling BLiiNK to enhance its products and broaden their reach to a more extensive audience

For those eager to delve deeper into BLiiNK's innovative solutions and the journey towards a healthier digital future, stay connected with BLiiNK's latest updates, initiatives, and global endeavors through their social media channels.
Be part of the movement as BLiiNK champions healthier working habits, making a positive impact on the lives of computer users worldwide.

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