BLiiNK is Built With Your Privacy in Mind

BLiiNK is Built With Your

Privacy in Mind

No visuals are stored/saved or transferred

while BLiiNK is working!

no capturing | bliink.aino capturing |

BLiiNK Is Working Locally

No internet required | bliink.aiNo internet required |

After installing the app, you can disconnect from the internet and use Bliink on your PC for experimenting.

It operates solely on your computer without relying on any external servers or cloud services to measure your posture, distance and blinking rate.

BLiiNK Needs Just a Few Points To Make a Decision

BLiiNK has no knowledge of your appearance.

The algorithm merely relies on a small set of essential points from your image for detection.

This real-time operation ensures a rapid response from the notification system.

BLiiNK has no knowledge of your appearance.BLiiNK has no knowledge of your appearance.

Why We Avoid Utilizing Cloud Servers

  • To safeguard your privacy.
  • Due to the costliness of cloud services (consider the substantial expenses when serving millions of users).
  • To prevent potential delays and reliance on cloud services or internet connectivity that could slow down processes.
BLiiNK is not using  cloudBLiiNK is not using  cloud

Companies And Organizations Who Trust Us

Ministry of high-tech industry | partner BLiiNKMinistry of high-tech industry | partner BLiiNK
GIZ | partner BLiiNKGIZ | partner BLiiNK
SAP | partner BLiiNKSAP | partner BLiiNK
FAST foundation | partner BLiiNKFAST foundation | partner BLiiNK

Check Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a top priority for us. We do not record or store any visuals from your "posture, distance, or blinking" sessions.

Privacy Policy in-depth

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